How to Maintain a Tankless Water Heater


An efficient and a well-maintained tankless water heater provide the comfort and convenience of a constant supply of hot water at any time of the day. While such is an ideal and a desire for many, who, an accumulation of minerals often corrodes and flakes the heating chamber making it hard to boil your water efficiently.

Therefore, maintaining your heater should not only be a routine but a top priority if you have to reap the benefit owning such a precious and exquisite commodity. How then do you maintain your tankless water heater? Here are some few steps to ensuring your tankless heater is efficient and functional.

Disconnect power supply

As you would expect, the first step of cleaning up your heater is switching it off. Disconnect the power source to your tankless water heater to cut off the power supply. Depending on your power supply, you can shut off the main gas or turn off the circuit breaker for your electrical devices.

After cutting off your power supply, ensure you switch of the three valves of your tankless water heater. Such will prevent an inflow of cold water or an outflow of hot water during the cleaning process. Basically, your heater may have red, blue and green water valves indicating hot, cold or the water that runs to your home.

Get rid of build up pressure

The second step in cleaning up your tank less water heater it to release any build up pressure. In most cases, extremely high pressure builds up in the tankless water heater during heating. As a matter of precaution, you will need to relieve this pressure to prevent any remaining hot do not splash into your skin during the cleanup process.

To carry out this process, remove purge port value caps resembling letter T as careful as you can be.

Attach your horse line

As a third step to this cleanup process, attach your horse line to each of the three values. Although some models come with these horse line, you may need to purchase one from a retail store specializing with water heaters.

Use the horse lines to discharge and flash water from the tankless water heater. You can use both the cold and hot water values to of flush out the water. While doing this, open up the purge port values and position them to both the cold and hot water values.

Use the right detergent

When it comes to the detergent, use roughly 9 liters of undiluted white vinegar for cleaning. While using other chemical detergents meets the same goal, such may be harmful to your health if you use the same water for bathing or even drinking purposes. All the same, flush water repeatedly for more than forty-five minutes for efficient cleanup. In essence, your tankless water heater comes with a manual guide that you can use to follow during the entire cleaning up process.

Reconnect your valves

Once the cleanup is done, the next step will be to reinstall all the plugs into the tankless water heater back to their original position. After disconnecting the horse line, reconnect the hot, cold and the home values back their original position.

Obviously, you will need to confirm your manual guide for more instruction on how to reconnect your tankless water system. Remember, all the values cap should remain tightly sealed on to the purge valves.

To sum it all, ensure you observe safety during the entire cleaning process. Follow your instructions manual throughout the whole process. Again, never shy from asking or sourcing out assistance from the experts.  Of course, once you regularly maintain your tankless water heater, it will serve you for more than you would expect.

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