Home Is Where The Heart Is

Home Is Where The Heart Is

For many people, a house is not just a collection of bricks and mortar: It is a place to settle in and cherish. Whether the home is a simple bungalow for a married couple to spend their retirement in or a plush apartment for a young professional to host parties, it is important to put a personal stamp on the home to give it an identity. There are several ways to do this.

Install A Fireplace

Installing a fireplace in the living room can give a display home in Perth a personal touch. A fireplace will make the house a cosy den to return to after a long working day in the winter. Fireplaces with ornate displays can add a touch of style to any living room and can be an instant talking point for any guests who happen to pay a visit.

Add Cubbies To The Walls

Sometimes a painted wall can look a bit dull and impersonal. Putting up storage cubbies can help to personalise the walls. Make sure that everyone in the family is able to put a personal item or items in the cubby holes. For children, that may be a favourite toy. For teenagers, it may be a picture of them with their friends. Mum and Dad could decide to put a memento from when they first met. Cubbies are easy to install and won’t take up lots of space. The range of display homes by Aveling Homes is designed to be easily customised in this way.

Renovate The Kitchen

Because people spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it is important to make sure that it has its own identity. Replace the worktops and install a brand-new cooker to give it the preferred look. A kitchen isn’t just a place to prepare meals, it should be seen as a cosy place to congregate in after a long day at work or school.

It may be a cliché, but the kitchen fridge is a fantastic place to put drawings created by the kids. Doing this will brighten up the fridge and make the children extremely happy!

Put Up A Memory Board

A memory board allows people to put up mementoes such as personal photographs, concert tickets or holiday tickets. Over time, the memento board will become full of items which will serve as a great reminder of good times and happy events. If the first memory board fills up quickly, why not add a second one in another part of the house?

Buy Statement Furniture

Statement furniture is designed to make a grand gesture and usually, isn’t meant to be sat on. Installing statement furniture can add a personal touch to any room in the house. These items will be an instant eye-catcher for any visitors who come round.

Adding personal touches to a home is easy. This guide shows that the process does not have to be expensive or time-consuming.

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