Had to Unclog the Kitchen Drain

I was just washing the dishes the other day when the sink backed up and it did not matter what I did, there was not any clearing the clog. I got to thinking if the problem was something that I could have used something like sani sticks which are supposed to prevent the clogging of drain pipes. I guess that there are all sorts of things that you can do which are supposed to do the job. The clog was really terrible and it was not going away with any of the stuff that I could do about it. I took out the p trap and used a snake or auger to try to clean out the drain, but that did nothing. Neither did two bottles of drain cleaning stuff.

In fact it turned out that the clog was in the basement about fifteen or twenty feet away, down in the laundry room. I had to call this guy I know and the two of us found that water was standing down there, so we cut out a section of the pipe. It smelled really terrible, but we cleaned it out in the back yard and flushed the stuff out of it. There was all sorts of rotting food in there, a big lump of it about the size of a man’s forearm. Of course the problem is that people have been rinsing stuff down the drain for decades. It really looks like the pipes probably need to be replaced as well, or at least that is what the guy I knew told me after he helped me with this. He was just saying that there is a limit to how long a piece of pipe is going to stand up to this sort of thing. Cast iron does not last forever.

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