Five considerations when installing a commercial cold room

A commercial cold room is a valuable asset to any professional kitchen. With a large capacity for the storage of ingredients, low temperatures to keep food fresher for longer and easier installation than you might think, adding a cold room to your kitchen makes great business sense. Here are some points you might like to consider:

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1. Understand your premises

It is important to choose the location of your cold room wisely, as running a busy kitchen is already difficult. Decide on a position where it will be easy for staff to gain access but also close to an external door so that deliveries can be unloaded straight into your cold storage, making sure your food stays fresh.

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2. What will be stored?

Knowing what products you need to store will make a difference as to the product you will require. Capacity is important, with different styles and sizes of internal shelving available. Having an idea of the types of food you need to keep fresh will be beneficial in making a final choice. Plan ahead – if you know the business will expand, think about a larger unit.

3. Where to buy

Always purchase commercial cold rooms from a reputable company such as that will provide a full installation service by fully-qualified engineers. This means that should there be any teething problems, you will have the full after-sales support of customer care services and total peace of mind that everything has been installed correctly.

4. Think about risk

According to the Health and Safety Executive, it is important for a company to consider health and safety regulations when installing commercial cold rooms. It is vital to ensure that a full and thorough risk assessment takes place, ensuring that temperatures, controls and personal protective equipment are all in place immediately after installation. All the legislation you need to think about is widely available online, so make sure your staff will be safe using your new cold room.

5. Do your research

Before making such a large purchase, make sure you have researched the product thoroughly. Look at online reviews, talk to the supplier you have chosen, and – if possible – arrange to view one that has already been installed. By doing this, you will have a much better idea of size and suitability.

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