Why modern flooring is anything but boring!

For some, just the thought of updating our flooring inspires a showreel of disruptive disaster nightmares. All that is in the past. Modern flooring makes a powerful statement. Even reviled options such as laminate and vinyl are emerging from the kitsch cupboard to be the darlings of design.

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Here’s our pick of some of the best modern flooring options.


Modern floor design doesn’t get more cutting edge than a concrete floor. Industrial, ultra-trendy and literally cool, concrete floors are a trendsetters dream. Forget soulless, dank naked concrete. We’re talking about golden treacle toned concrete finished with splashes of colourful mosaic tiles. Concrete floors are hardy, require little in the way of ongoing treatment and they love reflecting light back into a room.


Most of us have, at one point or another, fantasised about hardwood floors filling our home. They provide a cosy, inviting atmosphere and can be stained a variety of warm tones. For those looking for an environmentally friendly option, reclaimed wood is a great choice. Engineered hardwood is a solid economical option too.


Forget the 1970s vinyl horrors you’ve seen and heard about. It’s different now we promise. Luxury vinyl is the design choice of many an exclusive postcode. Downsides to your beautiful retro vinyl flooring are it dents and warps easily, as well as loses colour if over exposed to the sun.

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Did you know today’s laminate designs are guaranteed for 25 years, sometimes more? Your laminate floor is long lasting, easy to keep pristine and an economical dream, considering some oak laminate flooring, for instance, is mistaken for the real thing. The only drawback here is water: if there’s any leakage you’ll have to replace the whole room. Your best bet is speaking with an expert such as (wood floor warehouse) to advise you on best practice.


With all these options available it’s easy to feel dazzled. What you want is to feel inspired. Get involved. Learn something new and approach your floor with a whole new eye.

You want a floor that is perfect for the pounding of little feet, muddy wellingtons, scrabbling paws, heels and boots, as well as a stunning design choice. Modern flooring design has unlocked a parallel universe of possibility for the home of your dreams. Good luck!

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