Why Experts Focus on Venting When They Install Plumbing in Clayton, NC Homes

Clayton, North Carolina homeowners often hire expert plumbers when they want to make sure that new fixtures and drains will work efficiently. Most customers realize that professionals who specialize in Plumbing in Clayton NC do this by designing custom pipe and drain systems. What many clients do not realize is that plumbers also include unique vent systems that encourage efficient drainage and stop toxic fumes from entering homes.

Vents Are Part of Drain Systems

Homeowners can often see the outside vents that plumbers install. Systems generally begin in the areas where fixtures are installed and extend to roofs. That allows noxious gases to escape safely into outdoor air. It also creates air behind water, which is needed to equalize drains. That idea may seem strange at first, but is easily explained by imagining a full soda bottle. When the bottle is tipped upside down, very little liquid comes out. However, the bottle drains quickly if a hole is punched in the bottom. The hole acts as a vent that lets air rush in. In the same way, plumbing vents allow air to get behind water, making it possible for them to drain.

Unvented Plumbing Creates Disasters

Vents also solve two other problems. Plumbing includes P traps which hold water and stop gases from seeping back into rooms. Without vents, all of the water in the traps would be completely emptied every time fixtures were drained or toilets flushed. Dry traps would soon allow sewer gases to escape into homes. Since they contain methane, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide, fumes would be dangerous.

Contractors Ensure Vents Are Safe

Professional plumbers are careful to design systems that prevent vented gases from getting back into homes from intakes or windows. They also install vents safe distances from furnaces and stoves. During renovations, contractors often design custom venting. They may offer solutions, like wall vents, that help lower expenses. Professional installation guarantees that venting is safe and meets all safety and legal requirements.

Home vent systems help keep plumbing efficient. They encourage draining by introducing air behind liquids. Expertly installed vent systems also prevent P traps from drying out and allowing dangerous gases to invade homes.