Pool Creating and Maintaining

The cost of making the pool minimalist often invites a question mark for many people. Perhaps you are one of them. Because it can be invited to have pleasure.

Do you also never intended to contact an expert or consultant pool build swimming pools? Or questions you never answered to the satisfaction you want?

Actual cost calculations for the creation of a pool can we make by using the simplest calculation. Not an easy thing to do if you do not ever want to find out their knowledge. Let’s find out together. For more information, you can visit pool cleaning Glendale AZ

As we’ve said in the last article, that the cost of making the pool, this minimalist very directly proportional to the quality and outcomes owned the pool anyway. So our advice, you should first determine what qualities you want for your swimming pool.

Have you found? we proceed to the next step.


The pool is minimalist basically have the concept to minimize all aspects are there to get great benefits and to maximize the function and purpose of manufacture.

In our opinion, the manufacturer of the pool must begin with an idea that is really mature. Because of its value coverage covers many aspects that must be considered in order not to get out of the initial concept. Whether it’s land use maximum value, high art also includes cost-effectively.


The pool is minimalist does not ever have standard measures, because according to the user functions included into the category of private swimming pools. The size and depth of the pool are adjusted by the owner and not determined by a regulation.

But the pool has a minimalist ideal size, in order to function and its benefits to a maximum. So each person would give a different answer if you ask questions about the ideal size.

So specify the length, width, and depth of the pool you want as your saving, so that the movement when you swim a maximum. Then you will get great benefits over the existence of the pool minimalist in your home.


The pool is minimalistic with good quality should have a design that’s for sure. Because of the design will be very influential on the amount of use of materials that will be required.

What we mean by the making here, namely the manufacture of a swimming pool which uses concrete materials. So to measure the relative course prices will be higher than the use of other materials. The time range is also a longer process to support quality is good and strong.

That there are no regrets later in life, so in our opinion, it’s better if you use the services of a person skilled in the art of architecture. Due to the use of concrete materials will be difficult for the renovated form and structure.

Although it can be done, but the cost of renovating it will be large, so the design and material for the swimming pool minimalist are very important to be considered before the process began.

Cost of Making Swimming Pool Minimalist

The cost of making a minimalist concrete pool can be calculated in accordance cubication or volume that has been confirmed by the calculation of the cost of manufacturing per cubic meter.

the range of costs and the cost of manufacture is volatile and uncertain, so it would be better if you add the value of the budget to make it more secure. If you do not want to bother, then leave it entirely to the contractors that you believe to be responsible.

And the swelling usually occurs because the cost will be affected by the soaring costs of materials and changes in prices of basic commodities. So you need not bother to bear the increased cost of materials and building materials.

Tips to Make Air Swimming Pool Stay Clear
Cleanliness is a swimming pool should be kept and should be maintained, it is because a clean pool greatly affects health for the owners and users of the pool.

In treating the pool of course there are plenty of tips to keep the pool to stay clean, stay healthy and keep the water clear of course. These tips you can practice to keep the pool in order to remain healthy and clean. What are some tips you can do to make the pool water remains crystal clear? Here’s the explanation:

1. Inhibit the growth of algae or moss.

Inhibit the growth of algae or moss are many factors that need to be considered, ie, we must determine the levels of PH and Chlorine contained in the swimming pool water. This is because ph or chlorine number that does not match the size will cause various effects on the user pool. Such impact among others could cause irritation to skin, eyes, or other organs of the pool users and also provides an opportunity to fungi or algae to proliferate causing water to pond green.

This will require pool owners to regularly check the levels of PH. If the pH of the water has exceeded the limit then to raise the level of Chlorine need to add chlorine dosage in accordance with the rules. Physically chlorine there are 4 kinds of liquid, powder, granules and solid (tablets & sticks) with content that is different and come from several countries, namely Indonesia, China, Belgium and the United States.

2. Filtering impurities in the water

Dirt in the pool is very diverse, so the need for cleaning of the pool of these impurities. This can be done by filtering the impurities in the water pool, or by draining the swimming pool but to drain the pool needs a lot of time and energy making it less efficient for you to have busy own. We have had many sold water filters can be installed in the pool accompanied with a circulation pump but need to be adjusted to the size of the pool you have.