Making Golden Memories Last a Lifetime

Ours is a blended family.  I thought about how blessed I’ve been to love my wife and family as I made my way to the local Kay Jewelers store to pick up the surprise gift I had purchased to celebrate our latest milestone.  When I married my college sweetheart it was in the 90’s.  She had returned to school after her divorce to pursue the degree that had eluded her when she chose domestic tranquility over career stability.  So when I say I married my college sweetheart, people naturally think I mean someone just a few years out of high school.  She was 35 and I was 40.  I was the assistant dean for students and first met her when we served on the same jury ten years prior.   I started teaching after a stint in the Army, just after my divorce became final.  Within a few years I was promoted to dean.  I saw a familiar face one day in the new student orientation and realized it was the same woman who’d kept us jurors laughing during the long days in the courthouse.

Within a year we were married and making plans to buy our first property together.  In the true spirit of “yours, mine and ours”, her children and my son came to live under one roof.  They got along well – for the most part.  What sealed the deal was the bouncing baby boy who was born the next year with my dimples and her red hair.   With Austin in the picture, it was time for a change.  We needed to expand our house or move.  Soon a new bath and bedroom addition was under way.

I wanted to buy something special to commemorate this milestone and found just what I was looking for at Kay Jewelers – two silver charms; a tiny baby shoe and a little house.  I was well acquainted with the quality and expert service that is a hallmark of Kay’s.  That’s where I purchased her wedding band.  Fast forward and this time I used a Groupon coupon that I found online to buy the keepsake I had customized for her, and the coupon made all the difference.  Now that our nest is empty, I’m giving her a hint to our next adventure.  I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she unwraps the latest charm – a 14k gold Eiffel tower.


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