Learning About Uses for Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils

Someone interested in learning about the benefits of essential oils might like to view a website such as http://tipsfromtia.com, which focuses on organic health and wellness. Essentially, that means feeling and looking good by focusing on one’s inner health. Vibrant wellness helps a person to look better, and to have plenty of energy and motivation for each day’s pursuits.

Lavender oil is an example of an essential oil that a reader can learn about on this type of website. Lavender has numerous uses. The aroma is helpful for calming the emotions and reducing stress. Lavender aromatherapy helps some individuals ease the pain of migraine headaches. One way to create aromatherapy with lavender is to add a few drops of the oil to warm bath water. Another is to dip the tip of a handkerchief in the oil and then put the cloth in the pocket of clothing being worn. Oil diffusers also are available. They come in electric and battery-powered models, as well as more simple ones that heat the oil with a tea candle.

Peppermint oil has somewhat contrasting effects to lavender. It’s a stimulating scent instead of a soothing one. Nevertheless, many people find it soothing for stress and for relief of tension headaches. It’s primarily recommended for boosting mental alertness, memory and learning ability. Someone working on a project that requires a great deal of concentration may appreciate peppermint oil in a diffuser or sipping mint tea.

Diluted with a carrier oil and applied to skin, both lavender and peppermint essential oil can be used to speed healing of burns, including sunburn and windburn. They help the body heal insect bites and minor wounds more rapidly, and some individuals find the oils helpful for itchy symptoms of eczema and other types of skin irritation.

Tips for using these essential oils and many other helpful ideas can be found at friendly wellness websites like Tips From Tia. In a world where many people are trying to avoid relying on pharmaceutical medications and looking for natural solutions to health issues, the wealth of information at this type of website is much appreciated.