With proper use of storage and organization products, even the smallest space can be expanded to meet just about any need. By keeping both yourself and your surroundings organized you can expand your living space, become more productive, manage time better and even save some money.

The first step to an organized kitchen is to formulate a plan and assemble the proper items. One of the most challenging aspects of kitchen efficiency is organizing spices. Many recipes require an assortment of spices. Sorting through the multitude of containers can be problematic on many levels, but when your kitchen is undersized organization can be more difficult. Not having enough space can lead to endless frustration. A popular tool to solve this dilemma is to use a multi-tiered Lazy Susan. The user simply needs to organize the spices logically around the device, and can then easily turn it to find what he/she needs.

However, this method does have some flaws, but a spice rack can help get this space organized. Spice racks come in many shapes, colors and sizes, so choose one which is an appropriate size for your kitchen, and the amount of spices you have. With a good spice rack, no more basil falling off the Lazy Susan, no more precarious stacks of smaller spice containers. A spice rack allows you to efficiently store and access all of your spices. Furthermore, a spice rack can stay in a cupboard and can be employed as a base to build off for other storage needs. The ease of this system not only allows you to set up your spices well, but also allows you to keep it organized.

Another common problem for small kitchens is the storage of pots and pans. If you cringe at the endless loud bangs that ensue upon beginning any cooking project, the Pan Tree may be perfect for you. This arbor-based storage device allows you to store up to fourteen pieces of cookware in a neat, easily accessible way. The way to maximize the Pan Tree is to use it for six pans, four lids and a Dutch oven. This only amounts to ten objects, but they are very easy to reach. This product can clear out a cabinet of clutter and allow for a more attractive kitchen without any sacrifice to space and efficiency.

Along with having to stack pots and pans, kitchen users are often frustrated by endlessly building towers of plates in their cupboards. Having to rebuild these towers every time dishes are cleaned can be a waste of time and energy. They also make it more difficult to keep your kitchen organized since you are constantly having to shift and move things to stack the dishes. A standard cabinet plate organizer can help alleviate this problem. Dishes can then be placed easily into a cabinet allowing you to store your plates standing up on their sides so that you do not have to stack. The simplicity of the plastic containers makes the space sacrifice negligible, and can expand the space in your small kitchen.

Theoretically, it should be easy to store silverware, serving spoons, ladles, spatulas and devices. Simply stack similar items in a drawer and put the others in a small container on the counter or a shelf. Furthermore, your collection of serving spoons, ladles and spatulas may always be expanding. Simple hooks may not always work either, as some objects are not designed to hang well. Often the dividers do not give enough flexibility within a drawer to store all objects well, and you end up with a compartment the size of your large spoons that is only needed for toothpicks and corncob handles. This system allows you complete freedom to make your drawers work perfectly.