How to Clean the Air in the Room


How to clean and protect the house from dust, More than 90% of the dust that is in the house comes from outside like the dust of the road. But the dust also can be caused by paper, fabric, and even clothes made of leather. The dust can be attached in various places ranging from walls, ceilings, home furnishings as well as in parts difficult to clean such as in the carpet and on the couch. In addition, dust can also float in the air and stuck to the fan.

Even in places that are protected as in the closet and dust can cause the inside of cupboards and clothes in it dirty.

In order for a dust-free house, you can apply some of the following ways:

  1. Use a gauze or tissue for ventilation openings

Some houses have a large enough ventilation so as to facilitate the dust to get into the room. Besides beneficial to protect you from mosquitoes, actually put a word or small webs in the vents will help filter and reduce the intensity of the incoming dust. air duct cleaning Phoenix can help you to clean.

  1. Use curtains to form webs

Function windows and vents the main thing is to create air circulation in the room became more fluent so the room or home stay healthy place to live.

In order for the window and ventilation, function is not disrupted, you should not close it. Special to the window, to allow air and light to enter, you can use curtains shaped like nets in addition to using thick curtains to cover at night.

During the day, these curtains you can still be utilized to reduce or minimize the amount of dust that came into the room.

  1. Place the mat at the front door of the house

In addition to particles of dust, the actual home can also be very dirty because of the existence of particles of dust or soil carried away by foot from the outside.

Be smart when choosing a doormat for the home because it influences the intensity of dust carried by anyone who would go into the house.

  1. Protect the inside of the closet

The closet was a haven for dust. There are many tiny fibers that come from clothing, towels, and bedding. Although sometimes looked clean, but dust that is small is not easy to see and it does not mean they do not exist.

Although this is a difficult mission to clean out the closet of dust, but we can still minimize them.

The trick, you can use containers made of transparent plastic to put the clothes so that dust can be locked on the inside.

In addition, try to use multiple separate cabinets with doors more so that you do not often open up a whole wardrobe when taking something.

While the clothes are easy to raise and fibrous dust can you hanging as he is given a protective form of plastic. In addition, the protective form of plastic that could be intended to protect certain clothes such as suits and others so that dust does not easily stick.

  1. Clean the house from dust with a vacuum

The vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove dust. Because as we know, if we sweep, dust often fly so most of the dust is actually not out of the house but returned stuck in some furniture.

  1. Mop and wipe

Because dust is often not fully be cleaned with just a sweep, you have to mop the floor after sweeping as this is the most effective way to capture dust and debris do not be swept away.

Shortly after you mop using the wet, followed by drying using a dry mop and easily absorbs water to keep dust and dirt does not easily stick.

As for the furniture, set them free from dust using a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth.

  1. Notice at the carpet and sofa

To clean the carpet of dust, we can not only rely on the vacuum that just vacuuming. Rather, we need a vacuum cleaner that is really powerful and can bind and sweep the carpet once.

Similarly, if you have a couch made of materials such as microfiber cloth, you have to regularly clean with a vacuum.