Home Projects: DIY or Hire a Handyman? Here is How to Know Which to Choose

These days do-it-yourself is often the preferred way homeowners tackle home repair and renovation projects. These projects include everything from gardening, to bathroom repair, to updating a kitchen, replacing a carpet, building out the interior of a garage, and even putting in a kid’s playroom in the home. Some of these jobs a very simple to do and require little training and the average homeowner can learn the skills to do these jobs by scouring the internet and finding online information.


However sometimes when you read about something it seems easy but when you actually do it you find it is much more difficult, and you discover that many do-it-yourself projects actually need a professional. When this happens you have to consider your options.  Do you hire a high-priced company to come in to your home and do the job, do you struggle your way through it on your own, or as a third option do you hire a handyman.


A handyman is a worker who is skilled at many of the disciplines needed to do home repair, maintenance and home renovation jobs. Their skills include carpentry. Electrical, plumbing, gardening and laying concrete and tile. Although handyman is not technically a professional in any of these disciplines, he is a skilled worker in all of these disciplines. So in many cases the handyman is able to do the job for the homeowner and he can do this job at a much lower cost and at the same quality as a professional.


Finding a competent handyman


Handymen advertise online, and in local newspapers in just about any city. They also seem to be well known around most residential neighborhoods. Everyone knows of a handyman that they would like to recommend for you, so finding one is not difficult.


However finding a handyman who is competent charges the right fees and who will guarantee his work is not easy. This is why the best road to take when seeking a handyman is to contact a reputable handyman service. These companies supply handymen who have been vetted for quality, good business practices and getting jobs done on time. Handyman services ensure that you get great work and honest and reputable handyman and a guarantee that everything will be to your satisfaction.


The difference between do it yourself and needing a handyman


When considering taking on home repair and renovation jobs you have to be realistic about your own capabilities. Many jobs like painting, sanding a floor, replacing a screen door and planting flowers in your garden are do-it-yourself jobs that nearly any homeowner can handle. These jobs require little training and not much knowledge of how to use tools and other equipment. However more complex jobs like replacing a toilet or broken floor tiles, installing a sprinkler system, putting in a new electric box or light fixture, and many other jobs around the house require training in plumbing, electrical or other disciplines in order to do them properly and safely are the domains of someone with more skills and training.


When the homeowner is faced with these jobs it is best to call a handyman. Not only will the handyman do these jobs more professionally, he will do them more quickly and of higher quality than the average homeowner. And in the event that problems are discovered while the handyman is working on the job he will also be able to alert you to those problems and potentially fix them too.


So if you have a home job that is simple, and requires few tools and little training, by all means DIY. But if it is any more than that, save yourself time headaches and money, hire a handyman.



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