Home Lighting Design

Home lighting design will provide an artistic atmosphere and draw on when the lamp is turned on. Home lighting design and light colors will give a special attraction for us when the house lights were turned on. The choice of colors and the layout of the house proper lighting design will provide value and unique artistic and beautiful shades of the interior of our homes.

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Decorate the house using the lamp can be done by selecting a model neon lights long or short or by installing fluorescent bulbs planted in our homes. The house lights have several color options that we can customize the color of the walls and ceiling of our house.


In creating the feel and the unique beauty of the house lights need to be made in a design and layout of the installation of lighting and home lighting elections. By making the design of the house lights first, then we will get an overview of the preparation of the house lights and get the estimated costs required to recreate the beauty of the installation of ceiling lamps minimalist home we will.

Structuring Light Lamp family room
The concept of the lighting in the living room should be fitted with different types of lamps for the living room a lot to do various activities. But of course the most basic is to use a uniform arrangement of light bulbs. It would be nice if in the family room, you can put the main lights behind the ceiling or you can use the lights that hung on the ceiling as forming atmosphere. In addition to adding a lovely family room, you can put up some lights as a light piece of art on display in the living room. Add as lights that are brighter as a complement to support some activities such as reading.

Structuring light kitchen
The intensity of the light used for the kitchen typically use a brighter light for example, if in a family room using the power of light between 1500-3000 light that can be captured by the eye while in the kitchen can reach 5000-10000 light that can be captured by the eye. Therefore you need to wear a bright light but not blinding to indulge. Furthermore, to beautify your kitchen space can also install lights at the bottom of the storage cabinets that are placed on the kitchen table.


Structuring light dining room
The lighting in the kitchen is quite simple. You simply use the lights that are mounted directly on the dining table. It can form an atmosphere when enjoying a meal in the dining room. But you also have to consider also the color of your wall space, the darker the color of your wall the more light that is absorbed by the wall and your room will be dark. We recommend that you select a color a little brighter.

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