Gazebos: Pre-assembled or self-assembly kits?

If you’re looking to augment your property with an eye-catching gazebo, you can choose between ordering a pre-assembled gazebo or purchasing self-assembly gazebo kits, like those crafted by California-based Forever Redwood.

Both options come bearing pros and cons, with the best choice depending on your personal lifestyle, preferences and skill level.


Time and talent

Assembling a kit – while easier than starting from scratch – requires some knowledge of how to use basic carpentry tools and follow building plans, unless the production company provides an assembly team to help you. If you don’t possess the right skills for erecting the gazebo, you could end up burdened with an unsightly structure rather than a peaceful sanctuary in your yard.

Self-assembly gazebo kits are more time-consuming to construct, which is a problem if you’re busy or need the gazebo to be immediately functional. If you want to hone your craft or try a new challenge, then erecting the structure can be a fun project for yourself or your family.

Addressing quality problems

Kits also can possess quality issues regarding the wood or hardware, and the problems aren’t likely to be detected until the product arrives and you can peruse it.

However, unlike with pre-assembled gazebos, kits allow you to inspect each aspect of the gazebo individually. If there is a problem, you can return a single piece or a few pieces to be replaced. For a pre-assembled structure, replacing damaged materials may require sending back the whole gazebo or first disassembling it to replace a single part.

High-end gazebo kits also can be customized to your specifications to achieve the size and appearance you want. Those purchased at box stores are less likely to give you options for customization, though.

Other pros of pre-assembled gazebos include guaranteed professional assembly and easy movement from one site to another. Other pros of kits include safer shipping and delivery and the ability to transport the pieces to a spot with limited access.

Check out Forever Redwood to find an array of decay-resistant wooden gazebos, along with pavilions, pergolas and arbors.

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