Effective Solution to Preserve Pine Wood

Apply effective solution to preserve pine wood with a potent wood preservative. With gummy characters, this type of wood is very vulnerable to damage so it must be preserved as early as possible.

Apply effective solution to preserve pine wood with a potent preservative

Pine tree refers to a group of species from the Pine clan, widely used as a fabricator of man-made products. One piece of pine that is very high use is wood. Pine wood is used as a material, from matchsticks to furniture. Just visit Victorian for more info.

However, as with organic materials in general, pine wood is susceptible to weathering by organisms. One of the organisms known to be very easy and often attack the pine is the blue stain fungus.

Blue stain mushroom is a microscopic fungus whose colonies are blackish. This type of fungus will infect wood by living among its net. Although not causing structural damage, but these organisms can still cause the value of wood sales dropped dramatically. The wood will look stained bluish. Aesthetics of wood decreases, so the material can not be used for the purposes of the importance of beauty, such as furniture. One way to do this is to bleaching wood But it will obviously cost you a few dollars.


Anticipation of blue stain fungus and various other pine pests will be better done with wood preservation treatment. But not just any treatment can provide good protection, unless the treatment using the appropriate preservatives.

Microcide 100/100 EC is a wood preservative material made from active fungicide and bactericide, methylene-bis-thiocyanate (MBT). This product can be applied to various media from rattan to wood like pine. Microcide application will provide good protection on pine wood from attacks of blue stain fungus and other pests. Use Microcide 100/100 EC to provide maximum protection in pine wood.

The following will explain the steps to preserve pine wood with Microcide 100/100 EC. In addition to the two methods described below, Microcide can be applied with other systems such as spray and vacuum press.

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