Easy Ways to Clean Your Own AC Split At Home

Often we find privacy a little disturbed where the AC indoor installed in space – our personal space such as a bedroom, private office, family room to be cleaned on a regular basis for at least 3 or 4 months, and the job of cleaning the AC indoor is generally in working by technician or experts in the field of maintenance AC, but it sometimes had no furniture in your household should be in the slide so that the technician more freedom to do the cleaning air conditioner in your home, but what if your air conditioner is installed right above your bed and because the rooms were narrow bed you can not slide, inevitably and like it or not you must give up your bed in a stampede – a stampede by janitors AC you use his services.

In spite of it all so that this does not happen it’s worth before you install a new air conditioner you should consider location or the location of your indoor installation of air conditioning, keep in pairs in an area that is easily reached by air conditioning maintenance personnel without having to shift your household furniture. If you have time to spare and a desire to learn, there are other solutions that you can take to solve the problem of your privacy, by studying Easy Ways to Clean Your Own AC in your house. If you wish you can witness the first video tutorial below, which contains about steps – steps that you have to do to process Cleaning Alone (Nursing) AC in your house. congratulations listening.

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How Easy Clean Alone (Nursing) AC Split In Your Home.
Turns AC Cleaning the house only require willpower alone and you certainly can do it. Not much equipment is required. Cleaning or spraying household ac only requires pressure jets of water only, do not even need the high pressure, which is important to be sprayed, in general, the owner of AC fear of damage when sprayed water into aoudoor or indoor. When in fact the design of outdoor in such a way that the water will not get into the electrical system. In fact, many of them squirting pressurized water when the ac still alive.

Another possibility is not want complicated with plastic that are usually put indoor ac room when sprayed pressurized water. When in fact the indoor section should not be sprayed with pressurized water.
By cleaning the filter will suffice, because the filter ac very soft and tight, then the dust will not get into the blower fan. So long plastic to cover indoor barely necessary.

Before you clean the indoor air filter, then you open your first indoor cap top. This indoor lid can be opened by pulling a little bit because it is locked with a clamping system.

Download your indoor air filter and wash with water. When cleaning the indoor air filter is advisable not in the brush material made of a soft plastic that is easily torn.

After that, clean your indoor air-conditioning devices with a brush to keep dust – dust from the blower fan can be in the clear.

Now turn to clean the outdoor part. But just in case you should turn off and unplug the AC outlet to be safe. The next step spray with pressurized water (no higher) to clean.

Cleaning ac households do not need too much, just two to three months is enough. Unless your home alongside a busy street.
By cleaning your own home ac, at least you can save money and certainly adds to the experience and skills.

In Technical, Theory Purge AC undertaken the Professional Engineers is as follows, you can learn to do who knows this to be an inspiration for you to take this profession as an alternative livelihood you, let us consider for a moment.
Before washing the AC we must prepare the tools – tools necessary, as follows:
Tools required:
• Catcher (Tools for spouted / washing)
• pipe / hose
• white piping

Before starting the washing process, we must prepare in advance tool that is used to wash is to prepare the catcher, the way is as follows:

How to prepare Catcher:
• Prepare catcher by removing from the box
• pairs of large pipes in the space already available
• pairs of white pipe / small pipe above such large pipes
• install pipes to suck water out of the tub
• connect the catcher with electricity

After preparing the catcher, then wash the air conditioning was, by washing No 2, the outdoor and indoor washing, do the following:

How to wash Outdoor:
• Remove the casing used in Outdoor (usually the process is not done, to save time staying spray only)
• if necessary, lower Outdoors, but it will take more time
• after the outdoor casing apart, then cover electricity in Outdoor use plastic
• Wash the catcher outdoor use in a way to the top down so as not to bend fins on the outdoor
• after outdoor declared clean, then close the back casing

How to wash Indoor:
• Remove the casing before it, then open the casing of The indoor
• prewash spray plastic plug according to the area you avoid smudges on the wall
• indoor wash his way up down to prevent fin (nets – nets Refrigatornya not bend)
• when it is clean then closed again The indoor