Comparison Of Natural Grass And Artificial Turf

Synthetic grass is artificial grass can be used for everything. His usual synthetic grass is widely used for indoor futsal field. While the natural grass grows by itself it in a yard or pasture. For maintenance issues, both synthetic and natural grass turf has a very different way of treatment. Maintenance of natural grass requires regular use of fertilizers, chemicals, pesticides, and water. However, his existing maintenance use pesticides, this could cause injury to children, pets, and animals that exist in the surrounding environment. Because of this, many residents of the country’s population of kangaroos his specialty is switched to synthetic grass. Lots of good development house building sports fields, and other facilities using the surface with synthetic grass. For more information, please check this site Arizona artificial grass supplies.

Grass synthesis it’s definitely in the making raw materials with natural grass that the body naturally anywhere. The difference between synthetic turf with natural grass, among others:
• Maintenance
The climate is an important factor in the maintenance of natural grass, let alone the current climate is dry climates. Besides natural grass needs water, fertilizer, pesticides, and other chemicals to aid maintenance. Besides the natural grass is not restrained in its growth, it needed someone to look after and also cut the grass to keep the grass in good condition. As for the synthetic grass, does not require the items above, because the grass synthesis has a special UV coating keep the grass from ultraviolet rays.

• Environment
The use of pesticides in the maintenance process for natural grass is bad for health, especially for children. To maintain the natural grass, it took time and a long process to maintain the good condition of the grass. Unlike the synthetic grass that does not require support in maintenance and grass will not interfere with the synthesis of children’s health and the environment.
• Safety
Sports such as futsal courts if using natural grass, the surface will not be perfectly flat. This will cause many problems if not treated routinely as there is its dips, mounds, bumps, holes. It will be more dangerous for the players because it will cause injury. Another thing with synthetic grass, because grass synthesis will make the playing surface will be much flatter. Besides using synthetic turf is much safer and easier to maintain.
• Appearance
Grass in the synthesis of a variety of options, such as the length, color, and sometimes produced with various views depending on booking and wishes of the buyer. Far different from the appearance of natural grass in terms of color green dominates only
• Costs
For the price, the natural grass is cheaper. But for the long term, synthetic grass has a cost much cheaper than natural grass. It is a supporting factor in the process of natural lawn care is much more expensive.
• Watering
This is probably the most can make a difference is the basis. If natural grass requires watering to maintain the condition of the grass. As for the synthetic grass, forbidden to wet because it will make the grass synthesis will be broken.

The artificial turf is also widely used in football stadiums in the world. The treatment is easier and cheaper to be the reason synthetic grass been in the manufacturing field. Besides the artificial turf was not affected by the weather.
But many people who argue that the synthetic turf has a negative impact because it affects the game and could interfere with the players.

The first factor that is considered to be the negative side is the reflection. The artificial turf provides a different ball bounce with natural grass because the artificial turf has a coefficient of restitution of up to 20% higher than natural grass. The coefficient of restitution is the ratio between the speed of an object after a collision with before the clash.

The second factor is the heat generated. When used in hot weather, artificial turf pitch will make the temperature higher than the ambient temperature. The impact will make the players dehydrated. Players will be the faster loss of body fluids.
And another negative factor is the threat of injury. The most common injuries are wounds on the skin. The friction between the body and the grass is could allow for the wounded.