Caring AC rooms For Durability And Stay Cold

Here are the ways we can do in order to remain durable and air conditioning functioning properly:


  1. Set the AC temperature above 22 degrees Celsius

It should be understood that the main function of the AC is the room temperature regulator. Room temperature is ideal and comfortable actually ranged in temperature of 25 degrees. Therefore it is not necessary to set the air conditioner to the temperature is too cold, let alone set up to a temperature of 16-17 degrees. For more information, you can visit heating and air Columbus

  1. The design of the room was good for AC

The design of the room where the air conditioner is placed will also affect the performance of the AC. The number of openings is available in the room. AC engine placement indoor with the outdoor machine is too far too influential.

  1. Place the outdoor air-conditioning machine in the right place

Placement of outdoor air conditioning machines also affects the efficiency of air conditioning. The air conditioner outdoor machine should be put in place not exposed to direct sunlight, dust and rain water.

  1. Do not install air conditioning in the room is full of small capacity glass

If a room is dominated by the glass, it might be better to replace the installation of air conditioning with air vents. Because it is like a greenhouse that will trap the heat inside the room, it would be difficult for AC to function optimally in the glass room. But if you really want to use air conditioning, better choose AC capacity of PK is large enough so that the performance of the air conditioning compressor is not too heavy when the air is very hot.

  1. Perform regular maintenance every 3-6 months

To be safe, take care to call a technician cleaning AC AC trust, at least six months. This treatment not only for the health of the family but also to make sure the AC to be more longevity and cost-effective electricity monthly. AC dirty work is not optimal. If it is very dirty, we often need to set the temperature to below 22 degrees in order to feel cold.

AC was dirty as a result rarely cleaned will be able to save a variety of viruses and bacteria that continuously spread throughout the room and into the sense of smell people in the room. As a result, the people who were in the room can be a pain.

  1. Adjust the air conditioning capacity by the area PK

The more spacious room where the air conditioner is placed will mean the more knowledgeable area that needs to be cooled. For small rooms, usually, have air conditioners with a capacity of 1/2 or 3/4 PK-PK. For the family room is usually required AC 1 PK. Placement PK AC with small rooms was large, will make AC performance is not optimal and not even feel the cold. Finally, make us set the aircon temperature as low as possible in order to feel cold.