Basement Remodeling Facts

It may prove difficult to envision a bright, comfortable living space when viewing your unfinished basement but the right remodeling can make a world of difference. Below are a few facts about basement remodeling that might cause you to give it serious consideration.

Leak Repairs and Water Intrusion Protection Is Critical

One of the toughest problems to handle before attempting a basement remodel is to eliminate the water leaks and water infiltration problems common to most basement areas. You need to hire a contractor that will take the necessary time to ensure a fix of all areas of water intrusion. It should include fixing leaks around windows, through basement wall cracks, drains, and vents.

Add a Dehumidifier to Eliminate Musty Smells

One thing that most people dislike about basement spaces is the typical musty and moldy smell. The increased humidity in the air helps contribute to this problem. Eliminating the water leaks will go a long way towards handling the smells. Another step to take is to install a dehumidifier. It will help keep the air drier and free from moldy odors.

Basement Remodeling Avoids Building Restrictions

Long waits are often the result of attempting to construct a traditional home addition. The building codes in some areas are so strict that a denial of the request to build an addition is common. You can add the extra living space you need without this hassle by remodeling the basement.

Reduce Building Costs By Nearly Half Adding Basement Living Space

There are two significant reasons your construction costs will dramatically decrease by remodeling the basement area. You already have a roof and floor that merely need covering by finishing materials. You have existing walls that are solid. Most of your expense will revolve around the interior touches you want to create your desired usable space.

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